Michele Aronson

Name: Michele Aronson
  7th Grade ELA Teacher image

What is the strangest job that you’ve ever had?
Directly after graduating from Unity College with a freshly printed degree in Environmental Science, I took a summer job with U.S. RING BINDER located in New Bedford, Mass. I worked the night shift. 3.p.m.-midnight.  Assigned to an assembly line, where my job consisted of placing the "opening tabs" on the ends of 3 ring binders, I had to be laser focused and extremely fast, placing the two tabs on either end of the ring binder, followed by an automated machine that clamped them on before finally sending them on their way down the line. I did this repeatedly for 8 hours a day.

If you could switch jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
One of my favorite blogs is Nomadic Revelations created by João Leitão offering insights and inspirations from life on the road .  Adventures, accommodations, food, motivation, and endless possibilities for explorations is  my passion!   

If you had some free time, how would you spend it? I love the outdoors and adventure of all sorts; hiking, skiing, running, traveling, and exploring. I'm currently working on my 48 4000 footers in New Hampshire, checking off 27 mountain summits to date.  I also have been blessed with a fabulous 3 year old grandson named Wyatt who shares my excitement in living an adventurous life: Our future book will be titled: Adventures with Nanny and WyWY.

What does a typical day at MAMS look like for you?

A typical day at MAMS does not exist!  As you can imagine each day brings new challenges, successes, and interactions with hundreds of our MAMS community members. Here's a snapshot of the first 14 minutes of my day today: 

Walking into the building with a colleague, we had a laugh filled conversation about last week’s  Team Day escapades, followed by a quick trip to the coffee pot  as the morning bell announced the arrival of students. 

As students flooded into our hallway getting ready for their day I checked in with 4 students pertaining to ELA work, had a conversation about a friendship issue with 2 other students, consoled a student who was feeling overwhelmed with academic expectations and found a private space for her to collect herself, checked in with a student who had a concern at home, met in the hallway with my team of  teachers to share information about a schedule change, answered 2 parent emails, called the office about an attendance issue, notified a counselor that a student was on their way to see them, and grabbed a book recommendation for a student in Block 1. I took  a moment to glance at my watch, I saw it read 7:44 a.m., only 390 minutes left in the school day. 

What do you love about middle school?
The KIDS. I love seeing my students achieve academic and social/emotional gains as they work their way through their 7th grade year.  With all its challenges, they continue to prove that they are a special group of individuals who work to build on ideas and forge relationships that will carry them through their lifetime. I am so proud to be a part of that process. 

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