Kelly McCarthy

Staff Spotlight:


Kelly McCarthy

     Position: 6th Grade Math & Science Teacher; Team Sebasticook
     Years at MAMS: 3
     Years in Education: 10

     What is the strangest job that you've ever had?
     I'm not sure that I've had many strange jobs over the years, but I have had some exciting ones. I lifeguarded for several years during the summer months, taught gymnastics to 3-6 year olds in Tokyo, and worked at Movie Gallery/Blockbuster until they both closed down...these all seem pretty tame, but video stores that rented VHS tapes are definitely a thing of the past. 
     If you could switch jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be? Why?
     I'd love to switch jobs with Ellen Degeneres for a day. She always seems to have so much fun! Or, anyone who gets to eat fancy foods and travel the world for pay would work, too! 
     If you had some free time, how would you spend it?
     Visit every continent, and bring whomever I could along for the ride. I'd love to see all of the historical (and beautiful) cities around the world.

What does a typical day at MAMS look like for you?

Coffee, morning "good mornings" with my advisory, lesson planning, coffee, math with a mixture of Carrabassett and Sebasticook kiddos, lunch, motor break, coffee, then teaching/exploring 6th grade science with the Team Sebasticookers.

What do you love about middle school?
I love the fact that middle schoolers are at the point in life where they are just starting to figure out who they are and they begin to build upon their future selves. They are learning more about their likes and dislikes and all of their abilities (athletically, musically, academically, etc.). I love that they are easily amused and feed off of the energy given out by the people around them. Middle schoolers are old enough to begin to have some deeper conversations with, but also young enough to still enjoy the simpler things in life. They make me smile/laugh on a daily basis.

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