Descriptions of Classroom Managed Behaviors


AIDING IN OFFENSE: Assistance or participation in a behavioral infraction. CAFETERIA MISCONDUCT: Failure to follow the established cafeteria protocols. Lunchroom Procedures:

Remember your manners!
Enter serving area, forming two lines
Sit at one table for the entire lunch period
Permission is required to leave cafeteria
Eat and drink only your own food
Clean up the table and surrounding area
Tables: clean and quiet are dismissed first

CELL PHONE USE: Student use of a cell phone during the school day. FILE: JFCK, JFCK-R

Per board policy, cell phones are prohibited at Mt. Ararat Middle School during the school day (7:30- 2:20pm). Students are expected to keep cell phones turned off and locked in their lockers. Students who violate this policy will be asked to bring their phone down to the main office for the day. Depending on the individual circumstance, phone plans that include “checking in” the phone into the office upon arrival may be developed.

CHEATING & PLAGIARIZING: The copying of all or part of another’s work without giving credit or using quotations, intentionally or not.

COMPUTER MISUSE—CLASSROOM: Use of the school-issued laptop for non-educational purposes during class time or failure to follow the teacher’s instructions with respect to computer use.

All board policies, school rules, and expectations concerning student conduct and communications apply when students are using computers. Students are also expected to comply with all specific instructions from teachers and other school staff or volunteers when using the District’s computers.

DISRESPECT: Violation of the classroom or team’s definition of respect, as outlined in their Code of Cooperation. Infractions may include rude language or tone, yelling, name-calling, ignoring of directions, etc.

Students have the right to express frustration, but may not direct that frustration towards others in a disrespectful manner.

FAILURE TO FOLLOW TEACHER REQUEST**: Refusal to follow a specific teacher request. **Refusal to go to the office when asked will result in an automatic administrative consequence.

FOOD, DRINK, GUM IN CLASSROOM: Violation of the classroom or team’s rules with respect to food, drink, or gum.

Students may not consume food or drink in school corridors. Students may not consume caffeinated drinks during the school day.

INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE/GESTURES: CONVERSATION: Use of vulgar, obscene, or biased language/gestures in general conversation.

LOST/DAMAGED SCHOOL MATERIALS: Loss or damage of school-issued property including, but not limited to, library books, textbooks, computers, desks, or lockers.

MOTOR BREAK MISCONDUCT: Failure to follow established motor break protocols.
PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION: Inappropriate touching, kissing, or hugging.
ROUGH-HOUSING: Making physical contact with another student in a rowdy manner.
SKIPPING CLASS: Failure to attend scheduled class without expressed permission from a teacher or staff member. TARDINESS TO CLASS: Attendance to class more than four minutes after the scheduled start time.

Teachers will build four minutes into the start time of each period. Students arriving more than four minutes after the start of class will be considered tardy to class. Teachers will keep track of the accumulation of tardies and assign consequences to students as indicated above.

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