Health Services




The School Nurse provides care for students and staff by administering first aid as needed, educating students on personal health and well-being, and meeting with staff and faculty to discuss the needs of their students. The school nurse assists the team to monitor student attendance and follows up with excessive days of absence related to illness or medical needs.

A pass from the teacher is required for a student to visit the Health Center. If the nurse is unavailable, the student should report to the Main Office for assistance.

Physician’s orders from Dr. Losey, our school physician, are listed below. The orders allow the school nurse to administer the following:

WOUND CARE: Antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine (benzolkonium chloride) solution, triple antibiotic ointment.

SKIN CARE: Caladryl, ½% hydrocortisone cream, aloe vera gel, A&D ointment, burn gel, sting swab for insect stings.

MISCELLANEOUS: Sterile isotonic eyewash for minor eye irritations, Refresh or Clear Eye eye drops, Oragel or Anbesol for minor tooth irritations, Tums for minor stomach upset.

Please send a written statement to notify the nurse if you do not wish to have your child receive these treatments.

Parents of students with allergies, special dietary needs, or medical conditions, should send a note or meet with the nurse to explain their child’s special needs. The parents and nurse will communicate these needs to the kitchen staff and faculty to ensure their child’s needs are met.


If it is necessary for a student to obtain medication at school (prescription or non-prescription), the medication must be sent to the Health Center in the original container and properly labeled with the name of the medication, date, dosage, and the name of the student who is to receive it. Parents must also provide written permission for students to receive medication at school. The necessary forms for medication administration are located on the school website and in the Health Center. Whenever possible, the schedule of medication administration should allow a student to receive all prescribed doses at home.

Parents must supply all medications and necessary equipment and are responsible for the removal of the medication from school at the end of the school year. No child with a potentially life-threatening illness will be allowed to attend school without providing the school with unexpired emergency medication including but not limited to, Epipens, glucagon tablets, and asthma inhalers. Medication will be administered by the School Nurse or a trained designee. 


Students entering M.S.A.D. No. 75 must have written proof of completed immunizations as required prior to school enrollment. It is the responsibility of the parents to produce this proof of immunization. 

If you have questions regarding Health Center services or policies, please contact the School Nurse at 729-2950 ext. 1202.

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